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  《大英節烈》 大英節烈又名《鐵弓緣》,老婦陳氏與女兒陳秀英開設茶館維生,太原總陣石須龍之子石文見陳秀英貌美,欲強取之,適匡忠路過勸解,始各散去。陳母邀匡忠至店中,命秀英備茶接待,兩人互生好感。匡忠取茶館壁上鐵弓試演,陳母見其武藝不錯,遂將秀英許之。 石文心有不甘,唆使其父設計陷害匡忠,發配邊疆,匡忠勸陳氏母女投奔二龍山王富剛,陳月英反假冒王富剛之名,與太行山關伯龍、關月英父女結交,引兵攻打太原,經一番冒名混戰,終於解消誤會,與匡忠陣前團圓。 《血染未央宮》 《未央宮》又名《斬韓信》。漢初邊關陳豨造反,劉邦親往征討,委吕后監,臨行猶再三諄囑,注意韓信舉動。而後呂后發現韓信與陳豨兩處均有函劄往來,乃與蕭何定計,誆韓信入未央宫,誣以私犯聖駕之罪斬首。

  A Woman of Chastity A Woman of Chastity is also called A Match by an Iron Bow. Chen, an old lady, and her daughter Xiu-ying manage to make a living by running a tea shop. Shi Wen, son of Shi Xu-long, the governor of Taiyuan, forces Xiu-ying to accompany him when he sees the beautiful girl. Kuang Zhong who happens to pass by to help resolve the crisis. Old lady Chen thus invites Kuang Zhong to her tea shop and orders Xiu Ying to serve the guest some tea. The two have a favorable impression of each other. Kuang Zhong takes off the iron bow hanging on the wall of the tea shop to try and show his skill in martial arts. When the old lady sees that Kuang Zhong is a skilled fighter, she willingly gives Xiu-ying’s hand to the young man. On the other hand, Shi Wen is not reconciled, so he urges his father to falsely incriminate Kuang Zhong and exile him to the borderlands. Before leaving, Kuang Zonog advises the mother and daughter to seek shelter from Wang Fu-gang at Er-long Mountain. Chen Yue-ying, under the name of Wang Fu-gang, befriends Guan Buo-long and his daughter Guan Yue-ying of Tai-hang Mountain and leads the troops to attack Taiyuan. After some ensuing chaos caused by the impersonation, all the misunderstandings are resolved, and the couple reunites at the front line. Wei-yang Palace in Blood Wei-yang Palace is also called The execution of Han Xin. In the beginning of the Han Dynasty, Chen Xi rebels at the borderlands, and Liu Bang himself undertakes a punitive expedition. Before he leaves, he asks Queen Lu to take charge and advises her to pay attention to Han Xin. Queen Lu then finds that Han Xin and Chen Xi have been writing to each other. So she and Xiao He come up with a scheme to lure Han Xin to Wei-yang Palace in order to execute him with the false allegation of trespassing against the emperor.


  • ISBN:30019809
  • 叢書系列: 逗陣影音館
  • 規格:DVD / 191頁 / 12.5 x 14.2 cm / 普通級 / 全彩印刷 / 初版
  • 出版地:台灣
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