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圖書名稱:Chief Talent Officer: The Evolving Role of the Chief Learning Officer


As businesses around the world continue to experience rapid change in the face of economic challenges, learning has become a key advantage for achieving business goals. The individual driving this function, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is in a unique position to add significant value to the organization. The role of the CLO is to drive value, focusing on issues such as business alignment, managing resources, innovation, technology, utilization, customer service and ROI. The challenge is to demonstrate value to the organization in terms that business leaders and financial officers can understand and appreciate. Written from the perspective of the CLO,The Chief Learning Officer 2e discusses nine important value-adding strategies that make up the critical role of the CLO. Dozens of the world’s best CLOs provide their perspectives and insights on each of these issues.

This exciting new edition of The Chief Learning Officer contains the latest trends, issues, and processes to present to the readers. It sets out to be more global in its approach featuring interviews from CLOs outside the U.S. as well as those involved in multinational environments. Examples, studies and data will throughout the text specifically reflect international settings and reference international companies.

The Chief Learning Officer 2e includes templates, techniques, and tips to implement a strategy to tackle the principal focus of the book. Aimed at managers and Human Resource Development graduate students alike, this book is essential reading for both the training and HR communities who need to show the value and connect learning to the business. This book shows the value that can be achieved in the organization if it is managed and organized properly and the appropriate leadership is provided.



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