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圖書名稱:The Architect’s Portfolio: Planning, Design, Production


`A good portfolio is vital for architects and students of architecture alike, and this book provides a very helpful guide.' Brian Carter, Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

The Architect's Portfolio is an invaluable tool for students and working practitioners. Andreas Luescher gives the reader a glimpse into the highly private world of the creative process. Well presented and informative, this book is the answer to "How do I begin my portfolio?'" Jennifer Siegal, Founder, Office of Mobile Design

`The Architect's Portfolio prefaced as autobiography makes an all too rare case in our digitally dominated discipline for fingerprints in the act of making. Certainly useful as a coherent design process for the uninitiated, this work aspires to go beyond information into the possibilities of poetic content.' Peter Waldman, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Architecture, University of Virginia

The creation of a successful portfolio is a vital skill needed by architectural students and professionals alike. In a highly competitive global market the accomplished representation of the architect's work must be able to turn opportunities into triumphs.

This book offers a fresh step-by-step approach to achieving a reflective, attractive, and successful representation of your work. Structured in four stages it takes the reader through each step needed in the creation of a successful portfolio, from understanding yourself and your market to planning, designing, and producing it.

Illustrated throughout in full colour, the book includes 21 case study portfolios from the US, UK, Europe, and Asia which demonstrate each step in the process for both practitioners and students, from sketch trials to full-colour stage layouts. These contributions include retrospective narratives by the architect(s) and are analysed structurally and conceptually, providing terrific insight into current practices and inspiration and ideas for your own portfolio.

This is simply essential reading for anyone putting together an architectural portfolio. It is a detailed self-study guide for successful portfolio production, which will allow readers to design intelligently and directly from their own sources.


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