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圖書名稱:Designing Public Policies: Principles and Instruments


`Michael Howlett's book is an important integration of various strands of the public policy literature. By focusing on the design of public policies he provides an innovative discussion of the policy process and also means of analyzing policies.' B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

`Some policy books are indeed coherent though they funnel the reader into a narrower scope; some inspire a widening of views, but lack perspective. This excellent volume Designing Public Policies however combines both a wide and a coherent treatment of relevant literature.' Hans Th.A. Bressers, University of Twente, Netherlands.

`Using the lens of policy design, Michael Howlett has done a brilliant job in bringing together such a wide literature in public policy and implementation. Students and public policy scholars alike will learn a vast amount from reading this excellent book.' Peter John, University of Manchester, UK.

This textbook provides a concise and accessible introduction to the principles and elements of policy design in contemporary governance. Howlett seeks to examine in detail the range of substantive and procedural policy instruments that together comprise the toolbox from which governments select specific tools expected to resolve policy problems.

Providing a comprehensive overview of this essential component of modern governance and featuring helpful definitions of key concepts and further reading, this book is essential reading for all students of public policy, administration and management.


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