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圖書名稱:Creative Practice and Socioeconomic Crisis in the Caribbean: A Path to Sustainable Growth


Although the world is saturated with extraordinary methods, innovation, and technology, the Caribbean seems to have been left behind in the substantive growth of global development. While the majority of the world defines the Caribbean as "paradise," the reality of life for the Afro-Caribbean culture is defined by an unrelenting hardship. This book comprehensively analyses this phenomenon from a unique and intimate perspective in order to offer a viable pathway to sustainable growth.

By examining the historic progression of the Caribbean region and African culture, the author explores the relationship between creative practice and socioeconomic crisis and questions whether limited access to environments that facilitate original and conceptual ideas correlates with socioeconomic crisis. The outcomes and methods of analysis developed in this book are a useful tool for other cultures or organizations seeking to diffuse socioeconomic crisis and implement a pathway of sustainable growth.

This innovative and book will be of great interest to students and scholars of cultural and sustainability studies, Caribbean and African Studies as well as Development and Sustainable Development



  • ISBN:9780415784429
  • 規格:精裝 / 16.5 x 24.8 x 1.4 cm / 普通級
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