Freedom to Learn
Freedom to Learn
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圖書名稱:Freedom to Learn: Creating a Classroom Where Every Child Thrives


Disinterested students and behavioral problems are all too common in schools. Yet results show that behavior charts and other reward and punishment systems simply don’t work. Teachers are burning out and students are failing. But what can be done?

The secret lies in a unique combination of behavioral science, neuropsychology, and group dynamics. When teachers get the classroom experience right, students want to succeed and achieve to their potential, while behavioral problems largely vanish.

For decades, it has been widely accepted that children have motivating needs including the need to avoid pain, a need for autonomy, and the need to belong. The authors harness these motivations into a method of interactions that increases cooperation, and in which children want to succeed and help others to thrive.

Packed with real classroom examples and practical guidance for using the methods, this guide gives teachers the tools to transform even difficult classrooms.

Start teaching for universal success in classroom management and academic accomplishments.

Dr. Art Willans holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in education and a Ph.D. in Developmental and Child Psychology. He operates a preschool/therapeutic preschool, where he has refined his revolutionary methods. He and his wife live in Reno, NV.

Cari Williams is a teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Education and Special Education K-12. The concept for this book originated from her remarkable success using and refining Dr. Willans’ methods to get students to excel academically. She lives in Reno, NV with her husband and three children.



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