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圖書名稱:Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing: Production, Processing and Technology


Meat is a globally traded commodity where efficiency, safety and quality are constantly being scrutinised and reviewed. Increasing market demands and greater consumer product awareness have focused industrial attention towards optimising production efficiency while maintaining product traceability, quality and safety. To meet this challenge, meat processors are seeking new innovative ways to process, package and assess meat products without compromising meat safety or quality. There is also a greater commercial awareness of the potential for novel processing techniques in industrial settings, though their adoption largely remains in its infancy in the commercial environment. The adoption of such novel, sustainable, innovative processing solutions capable of producing high-quality microbiologically safe products is essential for the future growth and advancement of this sector.

In this book, world’s leading contributors provide their insight into the most promising Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing and provide comprehensive coverage of novel processing, packaging and assessment methods for meat and meat products. Topics covered include processing techniques (including, irradiation, high-pressure processing, electroprocessing, light-based technologies, ultrasound, shock waves, sono steam and robotics). Novel and smart packaging methods are also presented, as are assessment methods (rapid microbial analysis, computer vision, spectral techniques, carcass evaluation and authenticity) and regulation and legislative issues.

Enda J. Cummins, UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering University College Dublin, Ireland

James G. Lyng, UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, Ireland


  • ISBN:9781118350683
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