The Nebula
The Nebula
作者:Baeyens, Walter J./ Madsen, Wayne (FRW)
出版社:Trine Day
圖書介紹 - 資料來源:博客來
圖書名稱:The Nebula: A Politcal Murder Traces Back to NWO’s Absolute Power


In the early 1990s, a tentacle of the NWO surfaced in Belgium, right in the heart of Europe. Police investigators, tracking down the gunmen who killed vice-prime minister André Cools in July 1991, stumbled upon what they reported was a criminal organisation that controlled half of the world economy and held ’Absolute Power’. In their ’Atlas Report’ they explained that in order to understand this cabal one had to abandon the conventional logic of economics and politics. This ’thing’ was huge and clearly above the law. The spider in the web, according to the investigators, was Felix Przedborski, a selfmade millionnaire of Polish-Jewish descent who held both the Belgian and Costa Rican nationalities. Being born in 1930, young Felix had survived the Nazi concentration camps, where he had befriended André Cools’ father. After the war he found refuge in Belgium, where he started his carreer 1945. By 1990 ’Don Felix’ was Grand Master of the Lodge B’Nai B’Rith, called US presidents by their first names, and had excellent contacts with the Holy See, Mossad, CIA en various heads of state, particularly in Central-America. ’Let us not forget’, the Atlas Report concludes, ’that this Nebula controls most of the money transfers worldwide and also controls the highest political authorities. This Nebula could, if so desired, put pressure on most of the important cities worldwide and get control over almost everything (energy supply, water supply, environment), through corruption. This has been going on for several years. Let’s not forget that this same Nebula provides the security, police and military forces to several countries, including their equipment (weapons, communications etc..).’ This book provides deep, fascinating insights into the unseen but real forces that shape the course of history, of our lives and determine the destiny of the world.


  • ISBN:9781634241052
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