Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters
Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters
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圖書名稱:Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters


From the writers of the new Netflix animated series! Jake Armstrong and his friends, Omni-Mass and Wingspan, struggle to balance crimefighting with high school in this reimagining of the story behind one of the most popular toys of all time!

Charter City was rundown and crime ridden, until the arrival of Rook Unlimited, the leading technology company in the world. The company’s biggest achievement is the development of Flexarium, a compound that can stretch to incredible lengths and become lighter than air or dense as lead. One night high school friends Jake Armstrong, Ricardo Perez, and Nathan Park go to hang out at the warehouse where Flexarium is stored, causing an accident that leads to the chemical compound bonding with their bodies, giving them superpowers. The trio is enlisted by Rook Unlimited to fight crime in Charter City as Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters!

Stretch Armstrong challenges fans to stretch beyond their limits! Jake, a.k.a. Stretch Armstrong, is a kid just coming into his own while still dealing with both the responsibility of his new powers and the loss of his mother. The series tackles all of this with a combination of humor, action, and fun that kids are drawn to. With their amazing powers and boundless enthusiasm and positivity, Stretch and his super-powered friends take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Based on the new Netflix animated series, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters features fun, action-oriented, and character-centered stories that will introduce Stretch’s world to readers unfamiliar with the show, as well as offer additional depth for fans who have already seen the first season.


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